Birthday: An Erotic Short Story

Shared on my Husband's Birthday: An Erotic Short Story
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And there are certainly a lot of smiles. Anyone for tennis?

Shared on my Husband's Birthday: An Erotic Short Story

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Erotic fiction: read Turning Thirty. Turning Thirty - a birthday present sees a very naughty fantasy brought to life By Daisy Johnson-Thompson. Birthday: An Erotic Short Story - Kindle edition by Amy leBlanc, Macie Staples. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

Spy Games Son surprises Mother on her birthday. Fantasies Become Reality Ch. A Valentine Birthday with Daddy Kelly decides she wants a special gift from her dad.

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Eightieth A very special, and unexpected, birthday gift. A grin spread across her lips as her grasped it, lined it up, and vigorously slammed it inside of her. A low moan bubbled out of her as she repeated the process. Massaging one of her nubs, she quickened her pace downstairs. This went on for several minutes before she stuck nearly the entire bottle inside of her drenched pussy, juiced dripping off of the bottle. Her vagina clenched around the foreign object as she hit her peak, shrieks exploding out of her mouth.

She panted, squeezing her walls around the bottle, pushing it out with a nasty, moist sound. Her hand remained on her breast, still clutching a nipple. Once she calmed down, she picked up her robe and cleaned herself off, sopping up her sweet juices that had the faint scent of strawberries. It seemed that out of all of her bestowed family members, she was the biggest. I hope you guys like it!

No comments have been added yet. Add a Comment:. It turned out to be a forged onyx amulet, similar to others John had made for her. Each one helped her think of a certain set of spells, allowing her to be even quicker with her incantations.

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However, John was always there to explain to her what a new amulet's uses were. This time, she was left with a note that read: "Only use this one when we're alone. As usual, a collection of spells fronted themselves in her mind, only this time, she made a silly grin. Zatanna twirled her long raven hair with her finger as she glanced over her curvy body with sky blue eyes. She felt incredibly relaxed and enticing, with a warmth slowly surrounding herself. The ordinary tank top and pajama bottoms she wore began to feel silky smooth.

There were so m. There is something you have to see! She was a pretty 22 years old woman who has blond curvy hear to the middle of her back with blue eyes. She complained a lot about her breasts, and has always been jealous of big-breasted women because for her big breasts meant sexiness. Gabe was pretty aware of that since they are friends since 10 years, and he always tried to help her or to comfort her, and this day might be the good one!

After a short while, Julianne arrived and knocked at the door. Quick come in! She was wearing a red tank top, with a dark blue jean. Gabe led them to the living ro. BE Exclusive Breast Expansion Fiona had just become 20 years old and was not confident in the way she looked. She had short chestnut coloured hair that came down to her shoulders and faded freckles below her hazel eyes. She was roughly 5'6 with a nice hour glass figure with roughly C sized breasts and an average sized butt to go with it.

She wore an almost see through white shirt with a few of the buttons undone revealing her little cleavage and tight black leggins. Usually she would be considered quite a catch and would have a few admirers from time to time but she was never interested as non of them were ever female but nobody was interested in her figure as she was practically invisible after a new club had opened up a short walk down the street.

Fiona had a keen interest in this club as she knew it wasn't your typical run of the mill club. Instead it was a cathouse in disguise, her mind was shadowed in a thick fog of lust just imagining the girls who must go there with their thick round lips and large E sized b. I can control the size of my breasts.

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Some people think it's magic, but I see it as a gift, just like perfect pitch, synesthesia, or crazy math skills. A couple of my friends have asked me about it, so I've told them, but I don't usually tell people about it. I'm pretty quiet, and it's kind of an awkward thing to bring up.

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I first discovered my talent when I was twelve. There was a boy in my class I had a huge crush on, and I noticed whenever we talked, by boobs seemed a little bigger than usual. I went home, and discovered my talent.

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With time and practice, I slowly got better at it. I can get a virtually flat chest, and on a good day, I can get up to a 46K. Usually, though, I just stay at a 36C.

3. Happy Birthday;-)

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