Seducing the Knight (Brotherhood of the Scottish Templars Book 2)

Seducing The Knight By Gerri Russell
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But not all of the Knight's Templar are gone as some have made their way to Scotland. Although they aren't necessarily much safer there as there is a man de la Roche who is obsessed with killing the remaining Templar in Scotland and getting his hands on the Spear of Destiny and the legendary treasure of the Knight's Templar. There have been stories, but nobody knows exactly the extent of what that treasure entails. The Spear of Destiny was reported to be the knife that speared Jesus during his crucifixtion and is said to wield many powers. He's obsessed with finding the location of the treasure and the sword as he has plans for them.

And he's not going to stop until he gets them.

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It is after the capture of the Holy Land that the Knights Templar are said to have formed. And when the feast was over, Entered his great canoe And sailed away over the water, The shining waves of Minas. The Counts of Troyes actually favored them, and beginning around several schools of Kabbalah were established. The compositions of the troubadours were based upon poetical technique, originality, and a desire to serve Lady Wisdom. They gave the Templars land in London, Lincoln, and what was to be the largest Templar estate in England, at Cressing and Witham which measured 1, acres. Masons of the State of Sgt.

William one of the legendary knights and Siohban, daughter to the mapmaker go on a quest themselves to find the treasure and do their best to keep it out of de la Roche's hands. The map was encoded by Siobhan's father a former member of the Knight's Templar but luckily she remembers a lot of what her father has taught her over the years. While on the journey they know they are on the right track when they encounter a lot of booby traps that have been set up very much the Templar's way.

The journey is rough as they are having to walk along a lot of rocky and hilly terrain, but that's the least of their struggles as William is growing an attraction to Siohban. As a Templar Knight he has taken lots of vows that go along with it and one of those is the vow of celibacy. Can he continue to fight this growing attraction to Siohban or is he going to give into the passion he's feelings for her?

And can they find it before de la Roche or one of his men gets a hold of the sword and the rest of the treasure himself?

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If you are looking for a great adventure book with bits of romance thrown in then this might just be the book for you. I really enjoyed her book. It is the second one I have read and I have ordered two more for my Kindle to read in the future. The reason I did not give it a 5 star is that it was so unrealistic in what humans could do. For instance the Knight was so torn up for battle one night that she sewed him up with needle and thread and he could not even walk into the monastery alone as he was so injured and had lost so much blood.

However the writer had him riding a horse the very next day and just glossed over the injuries. Death and Funeral of Sir Sidney Smith,.

Funeral Oration by M. Proclamation by the Freemasons of Europe, dated at Cologne on the Rhine ,. Whose Armorial Bearings are emblazoned upon the Gothic Gateway at the beginning of this Work, and to whom the Plate is affectionately dedicated by their Friend and Brother,. The latter of these gentlemen is the author of various papers on the Templars, in that valuable periodical, the Free-Masons' Review, nor was it until I had failed to induce him to give, in a continuous form, the result of his own researches on the subject, that I myself ventured to enter upon the present Work.

In conclusion, I have to express my warmest acknowledgments to my friend, W. LAURIE, Esquire, Secretary to the Grand Lodge of Scotland, for many valuable notes and additions,—to whose taste and exertions this little Volume owes its appearance before the Public, and to whom personally I am indebted for many favours, which he would not wish me to particularise. The natural desire to visit places which have been the scene of memorable actions, or the abode of distinguished personages, had from a very early period drawn pious pilgrims from the east and the west to view those spots which had been hallowed by the presence of the Son of God.

The toils and the dangers of the journey were unheeded, when set in comparison with the bliss of pouring forth prayer on Calvary, and bathing in the waves of Jordan, whose waters had consecrated the Saviour to his holy office. And, accordingly, we find that, so early as the ninth century, there was in the valley of Jehoshaphat, near the church of the Holy Virgin, an Hospital composed of twelve dwellings, for pilgrims from the west, which possessed corn lands, vineyards, and gardens, and an excellent library, established by the bounty of Charlemagne.

In the eleventh century, when the apprehension of the approaching end of the world, and appearance of Christ to judge mankind, had once more fanned the flame of pious pilgrimage which had been previously dying away, and men were hastening to the land where they expected to meet their Lord and Judge, there was built within the walls of Jerusalem an Hospital for the reception of Catholic pilgrims.

This hospital stood within a very short distance of the church of the Holy Sepulchre, and, by the favour of the Egyptian Khalif, a church, dedicated to the Virgin, and afterwards called St. Maria de Latina, was erected close by it; there an abbot and several monks, who followed the rule of St. Benedict, received and entertained the pilgrims who arrived each year from the west, and furnished such of them as were poor or had been plundered by the roving Bedouins, with the means of paying the tax exacted by the unbelievers.

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Decorum not permitting the reception of female pilgrims, the brethren established without their walls a convent, dedicated to Mary Magdalene, where a pious sisterhood entertained the pilgrims of their own sex. The number of the pilgrims still continuing to increase, the abbot and his monks erected a new Hospitium near their church, which they placed under the patronage of St. John, the Patriarch of Alexandria, named Eleemon, or the Compassionate.

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This last Hospital had no independent revenues, but derived its income from the bounty of the abbot of the monastery of the Holy Virgin, and the alms of the pious. When, in , Jerusalem was invested by the Crusaders, the Hospital of St.

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Seducing the Knight (Brotherhood of the Scottish Templars Book 2) - Kindle edition by Gerri Russell. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Seducing the Knight (Brotherhood of the Scottish Templars) (Volume 2) [Gerri Russell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Templar knight Sir.

John was presided over by Gerhard, a native of Provence, a man of exemplary piety, and of a spirit of mild and universal benevolence, rarely to be found in that age; for while the city was pressed by the arms of the faithful, who sought for future glory by the extermination of those whom they deemed the enemies of God on earth, not merely the orthodox Catholic, but the schismatic Greek, and even the unbelieving Moslem, shared without distinction the alms of the good director of the Hospital of St.

Editorial Reviews. Even in a short. As a couple they face challenges with William's foes hot on their trail For a shorter novel, this romance did not feel rushed and it was because the characters are well developed. Siobahn is cautious and so is William. They want the spear for different reasons and this is one of the conflicts of their relationship. Siobahn is way too emotional and quite frankly impetuous to the point of endangering herself and others.

For a supposed smart lady, she has a tendency not to see the facts.

Seducing the Knight

Still this is an interesting romance due to the historical detail of the writing and the hero is truly heroic. To Tempt A Knight is quite possibly the most exciting "historical romance" I have ever read, and since getting my Kindle a year ago I've read over This series has been called "Indiana-Jones-like" and that is an apt description indeed. The action is near-heart-stopping at times and makes the book nearly impossible to put down. Siobhan's father has been abducted by an evil Frenchman who desires the Sword of Destiny, a holy relic protected by the Scottish Knights Templar.

William Keith, a rugged Templar knight fresh from a devastating battle in Spain, needs the information that Siobhan's father, the Keeper of the Relics, holds to be able to find the Sword before the French. They team up on the quest for the hidden treasure and struggle against not only the elements and their enemies, but also the inner struggle of their feelings for each other that directly conflict with William's sacred vows. The characters are wonderful. The action is exciting. The details are equisite.

All in all it is a wonderful read. The plot was well done and the Author was able to describe her Characters and make the story work.

What were the Differences Between the Templars, Hospitallers, and Teutonic Knights?

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