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Get the Tomorrow's World magazine delivered to your email inbox about two weeks sooner than by postal mail. Nothing is said about gathering up His sheep before the Second Coming. By His death on our behalf, He "has freed us from our sins" It is described in 1 Thessalonians and 1 Corinthians At this time, believers who have died and believers who are still alive will be raised together, and meet the Lord in the sky as an act of deliverance. The old-fashioned preachers tell people that they immediately go either to heaven or hell when they die.

If I do not take all the prophecy of Isaiah literally, I know not how I can persuade him that the fifty-third chapter is literally fulfilled. But if I do, I have a resting-place for my lever, which I know he cannot shake. How men can expect the Jews to see a Messiah coming to suffer in Old Testament prophecies, if they do not themselves see in them a Messiah coming to reign — is past my understanding.

Are you ready for the Second Coming of Christ? He will come again to this world one day. As surely as He came the first time, years ago, so surely will He come the second time.

He will come to reward all His saints, who have believed in Him and confessed Him upon earth. He will come to punish all His enemies,-the careless, the ungodly, the impenitent, and the unbelieving. He will come very suddenly, at an hour when no man thinketh: as a thief in the night.

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He will come in terrible majesty, in the glory of His Father, with the holy angels. A flaming fire shall go before Him. The dead shall be raised,-the judgment shall be set,-the books shall be opened!

What is Premillennialism and Postmillennialism?

Some shall be exalted into heaven: many, very many, shall be cast down to hell. The time for repentance shall be past. Many shall cry, "Lord, Lord, open to us! After this there will be no change. Reader, if Christ should come the second time this year, are you ready? There is no doctrine that holds a stronger incentive to purity of living, than does the doctrine of the Second Coming of Christ. It was the evil servant who said, "My Lord delayeth His coming," and who began to eat and to drink with the drunken.

Illustration : Dr. Gordon of Boston used to tell how, once, when he was about to make a preaching tour his two little girls asked him the day of his return, desiring to meet him at the train. He told them that he would return the next week, on a certain train, on either Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday or Friday. When the stated Tuesday arrived the children dressed in their best Sunday white and went down to meet their father.

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But Dr. Gordon did not arrive. Wednesday and Thursday was just as disappointing to the children. Friday came, and, as the girls, clothed with the same white dresses, knew that papa must come, their hearts were filled with joy. After the happy greeting was over, Dr. Gordon said his wife remarked: "The next time you leave the city, tell the children that you will come home Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday or Friday — it was never so easy to keep the children's dresses white.

Certainly we should give ourselves over to holy behavior and to Godliness. Truth Vital to Our Nation - There is an inscription in the dome of our Capitol in Washington which few people know about. It says: "One far-off divine event toward which the whole creation moves. He said: "I think it refers to the second coming of Christ. It is a comforting hope, a cleansing hope, a compelling hope, and a certain hope.

The Promised Advent. The Prevalent Attitudes.

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Scoffers have doubted it, skeptics have denied it, sensationalists have distorted it, saints have depended on it, and the Scriptures have disclosed it 2 Pet. The Practical Application. While we wait for the Second Coming of Christ we should walk circumspectly Eph. Perhaps God gave us this story to teach us to eagerly anticipate His return. Be students of Matthew 24—25, 1 and 2 Thessalonians, and the Book of Revelation.

We Should Visualize His Return.

Second Coming Of Christ

We Should Pray for His Return. When we stand around waiting for someone to arrive, time drags by. As we remain busy, they appear before we know it. Jesus told us to stay occupied until He returns Luke Even so, come, Lord Jesus! A Wonderful Practical Tie - What a wonderful practical tie there is between this truth of the coming of the Lord and our appearing before Him, and the living of our daily life! A number of years before she died she wrote about her hope of the coming of the Lord.

This is what she says: The best part is the blessed hope of his soon coming. How I ever lived before I grasped that wonderful truth, I do not know. How anyone lives without it these trying days I cannot imagine. Each morning I think, with a leap of the heart, "He may come today. I am on tiptoe with expectancy. There are no more grey days—for they're all touched with color; no more dark days—for the radiance of His coming is on the horizon; no more dull days, with glory just around the corner; and no more lonely days, with His footsteps coming ever nearer, and the thought that soon, soon, I shall see His blessed face and be forever through with pain and tears.

God Is Coming God is coming! God is coming! All the element we swim in, this existence, Echoes ahead the advent. Can't you feel it? A Rabbi's Question - Chicago's Rabbi Eckstein says that all of this climatic ferment epicentered in the middle east, seems to him to be Messianic times. And if this is it, if the Messiah appears, rabbi Eckstein says that he can't wait to ask Him one question: Is this your second visit or your first? I Am Konfused - I heard about a student who was befuddled when his professor spoke about the pre-millennial view, and the pre-trib rapture, and the mid- trib, and the post-trib; and finally he was in despair.

The student replied, "You don't know how confused I am. An estimated 20, guests came to the party and lined up for a long, sumptuous meal at what its promoter billed as the longest buffet table ever set. According to the Bible God has arranged and announced a great supper. The invitation has gone out, "Come; for all things are now ready" Luke There is room at this banquet for all people of the world. God loves the world—that's why He welcomes the world to His supper table. One day, while visiting a home for mentally handicapped children operated by a Christian friend, Joseph Stowell, president of Moody Bible Institute, noticed the tiny handprints of children covering the window.

Stowell remarked about them to his friend. The war was over and the boys began to return. Excitement ran high in many families.

What Is the Difference between the Rapture and the Second Coming?

One little girl was anxious to see her brother who had been gone for over three years. Everyday she wondered if today was the day he would arrive. Bob will be home today. She began to feel hungry and decided to have a little lunch.

As she was eating cookies and a cup of chocolate, she accidentally upset the cup and spilled the contents over her beautiful dress. She quickly ran upstairs and then into the clothes closet.

Paul’s Mixed Metaphors

At just this moment the big brother arrived. Where are you? My dress is all dirty, and I wanted to be clean when you came home.