The Story Of A Young Mother

15 stories of a mother's love
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In this program, homeless, pregnant, and parenting young women between the ages of 18 and 22 live independently in townhomes for up to 18 months and receive comprehensive services and support to help them on their road to independence.


Young women taking their first step are required to work or go to school at least 30 hours a week. They also attend weekly life skills groups, parenting groups, workshops, and case management sessions. All basic living costs are covered in this step and assistance is provided in locating transportation and child care. Young mothers who are further on the road to independence but still need a little help may enter the Bridging Affordability program.

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Through this program, a partnership between Second Story and Northern Virginia Family Service and the Department of Housing, young women receive rental assistance, case management, and supportive services like job training and financial education, for up to 24 months. Homeless young parents age years old and their children can receive free counseling and support from the Second Story for Young Mothers program.

Out of nowhere, her heart would start beating like crazy. At first, she assumed that these were anxiety attacks, triggered by the stress of bringing her premature daughter home.

Her baby spent her first week of life in the newborn intensive care unit. When she was big enough to come home, she still weighed only four pounds, nine ounces. The new mother worried that without the doctors and nurses and equipment that had kept her alive, her tiny baby might die. She seemed to thrive at home.

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After a couple of weeks, her symptoms worsened. It was as if someone had thrust a sharp stick deep into her brain.

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The knife of pain quickly turned into a sense of pressure so intense it felt as if the back of her skull would blow off. Her hands would curl into tight fists, and vomit would shoot out of her mouth like a geyser.

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Light and noise were intolerable. When her husband had to go back to work after his paternity leave, they moved in with her parents in Colorado Springs so that someone would be able to look after the baby whenever she was prostrate with pain. Her primary-care doctor focused on her headaches, she recalled. They sounded like migraines. Nearly one in four new mothers will have a first migraine in the weeks after delivery. A second internist focused on her racing heart.

She ordered an echocardiogram, which was normal.

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When she was big enough to come home, she still weighed only four pounds, nine ounces. I myself have been there; at the tender age of 23, I got the news that I was going to be the mother of two little babies I was not planning, nor was I ready for. He is SO cute in his glasses, but refuses to wear them. I've always wanted to experience the American basketball and learn it. A second internist focused on her racing heart. We have learned to live in the moment, to love unconditionally, and to advocate for him with all our might.

An event monitor, a device worn on the chest that looks for abnormal rhythms, showed a couple of brief episodes of rates up to beats per minute. The device also had a button that the patient was told to push whenever she felt her heart pounding wildly. But most of the time when she hit the button, the recorded beats picked up by the monitor were normal.

Seeing this, her doctor told the patient she probably did have anxiety — just as she initially thought.

But, the patient objected, it was her body racing, not her mind. The doctor gently reminded her that the test showed that her heart was beating normally when she felt it was not. Staff from the World Health Organization WHO were making arrangements to transfer her to an Ebola treatment centre and she was terrified.

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She needed to be evacuated to a proper treatment facility. But Kanyere was refusing to go. Although she was reluctant to go to the treatment centre, Kanyere now is grateful. The doctors would plead with me to eat when I had no appetite. They were really nice and hospitable. The jubilant procession takes Kanyere and her father to their local Catholic church courtyard where she stands before more than neighbours who have come to welcome her home.

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Visibly moved, Kanyere tells them of the frightening and promising realities she has learned about Ebola. However, I felt devastated after my mother was killed by the Ebola virus disease. I removed the serum perfusion and sought refuge with one of our neighbours, a police commanding officer, where I got evacuated to Katwa ETC during the night.

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After my baby was born, I had to decide whether to really quit school or to keep at it because I needed the credentials, long story short, I went back to school and. I was a teenage mom attending an alternative school with built-in day care. I excused myself from . RELATED: 13 Celebrity Moms Who Had Babies Young.

She took a breath. You should know that Ebola does exist. It can be treated if one rushes to the ETC immediately after the early signs show up. I am standing before you as a living proof.